Bingo Card Maker App Reviews

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Needs some work

This app would be a great word bingo generator if it didn't fail at one of it's main features: PRINTING. I can overlook the occasional crashing, the clunky interface with no right click menus, the lack of a column restriction feature, and even the annoyance of having to redo all of the carriage returns in a pasted in list that it seems to think is a single entry, but nothing excuses the poor printing ability. The main problem with the printing is the lack of a standard grid size, and no entry resizing, so unless all of the entries in your list are exactly the same size, you cannot cut the cards apart easily. Even if you don't cut the cards out, it's ugly. You'd be better off (and probably have an easier time) by finding a web site that will generate bingo cards, than using this app right now (like I did).

It's ok

It does let you create CUSTOM cards, lists, and change the header, so KUDOS for that. However, there are many printing issues I've contacted them about, was promised a fix, but that was months ago. The two issues stated above have not been fixed as of version 1.01. 1) The "Printing Extra Pages" issue (up to 5 extra pages most times) still occurs. You can get around this by only printing pages 1-7 when the Print Settings screen appears. 2) I can ONLY print 27 cards at a time. Not 4, not 50, always 27. No matter what number I enter to print, I always get 27 cards. 3) If you print multiple cards on one page, they'll all come out different sizes so cutting the cards will be a pain. Forget using a paper cutter, you'll have to cut each card by hand and they'll be tiny. 4) If you create custom lists, SAVE often. The app sometimes crashes while typing and your list will be lost if you haven't saved.

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